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The Co-operative Group

Its operations span food, electrical, insurance, legal services and funeralcare.

The Co-operative Group began in 1863 as The Co-operative Wholesale Society (CWS). By 1900 it was supplying goods to 1,439 retail co-operative societies, had entered manufacturing and farming, and had established Co-operative Insurance and the Co-operative Bank. In the early 1920’s many co-operative societies were going out of business, so CWS established Co-operative Retail Services Limited (CRS) which aquired failing societies and brought them back into the movement.

In 2000 the CWS and CRS merged to form The Co-operative Group.

2013 was the 150th anniversary year.

The Co-operative Group has sold off the Farms and the Pharmacy and has lost control of the Co-operative Bank and Co-operative Travel.

Its constitution changed in May 2015 and has loosed its links with the Co-operative Movement, effectively becoming just another supermarket.

The Co-operative is unable to pay a dividend to members for the time being after making big losses.

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