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Co-operatives Yorkshire and Humber

Co-operatives Yorkshire & Humber is a Regional Co-operative Council, to raise the profile of the co-operative sector, strengthen co-operative endeavour and represent the interests of co-operatives at local, regional and national level. It encourages mutual support, inter-trading and networking, sharing best practice, training and development opportunities between co-operatives within the region and beyond.


Co-operatives Yorkshire & Humber is a co-operative company limited by guarantee with a democratically elected board drawn from member businesses and organisations with a responsibility to represent and promote the sector.

The board, which is elected at the Annual General Meeting, meets regularly to determine the strategy and activities of the organisation. The board is comprised of individuals drawn from its diverse constituents – retail co-operatives, worker co-operatives, financial and housing co-operatives, co-operative development organisations and others.

Co-operatives Yorkshire & Humber welcomes engagement with people and organisations who share similar goals and are willing to act as a partner in the future development and delivery of strategies for the region. Together, co-operatives and mutuals can exert greater influence to make sure they are considered in regional policy making.