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Fireside Housing Co-operative

Fireside is a housing co-operative with 4 adjacent houses and shared gardens based in the multicultural area of Burngreave, just to the north of Sheffield city centre. Members live mainly as independent households, but meals, childcare and parties are shared at times. With interests covering community activism, arts, gardening, sustainability and recycling they can also offer advice to people wanting to set up their own housing co-operative.


We have recently constructed a wonderful extension which includes triple glazing and high levels of insulation. We are now looking at ground source heat pumps and other improvements to further reduce our carbon footprint. If you want to know more about our energy saving efforts then you can visit us during the next Green Homes Sheffield event. Details are here:

21 Feb 57 kitchen diner small for web.JPG

We are a fairly stable group but vacancies do come up from time to time. If you are interested in living in a housing coop then why not come and visit us? If we don't have a vacancy at the time we may be able to put you in touch with other coops.