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Share Instead Housing Co-operative Limited

  • We are a small, fully mutual housing co-op, which from 2012-2022 housed 5 members in our home in Nether Edge/Sharrow. We have now joined forces with Five Rivers Cohousing and are buying flats in their new development in S6, due for completion in late 2023.
  • We aim to live up to our name and share resources instead of pursuing ruthless individualism! This includes buying and cooking food together and growing some too.
  • As of June 2022 we are recruiting new members interested in joining the co-op and living at Five Rivers Cohousing from late 2023 - please email us to find out more.
  • We are members of the Radical Routes umbrella co-op . Our members are active in different ways to achieve radical social change - including around ecology, energy, gender politics, peace and solidarity. We do quite a bit of singing and dancing as well :-)
  • After buying our Sharrow house in 2015 we improved the energy rating from SAP band E to C - very good news for our bills! As well as a new gas boiler with sophisticated controls we had solar hot water, solar electricity, and renovated double glazed sash windows. We gradually improved the insulation and draught-proofing of our home. We participated in Green Homes Sheffield 'open homes' events whenever possible.