Thundercliffe Grange

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Thundercliffe Grange is an unusual scheme. It is one of the oldest known surviving examples in England of "Co-Housing", a system more common on the continent, which gives the benefits of co-operative ownership but safeguards the individual's property rights.

The scheme is structured so that residents own the overall building and grounds collectively, but the flats are owned individually.

There are twelve self-contained dwellings of various sizes and configurations spread between the main house and wings and a separate annexe. The rooms in the ground floor of the main house have been retained for the use of all residents.

In medieval times, Thundercliffe was a grange of Kirkstead Abbey and the monks carried out iron working on the site.

Thundercliffe Grange is an eighteenth century mansion house with service wings and stable block, set in approximately 22 acres of mixed parkland and woodland on the Sheffield/Rotherham border in South Yorkshire.

The property has been converted into 12 flats as part of a co-housing scheme, set up in 1980.

Name: Thundercliffe Grange Ltd


Address: Grange Lane Kimberworth, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, S61 2SQ